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Fall Fashion & Between Season Dressing

Brittney McMillin

 Living in Los Angeles, we don't experience the traditional seasons. Yes, football is on, school's back in session, and we have things like Halloween and Pumpkin Spiced lattes to look forward to, but the weather.... pretty much stays the same- 70-75 and sunny. 

So, what does this mean for fall fashion? We call it between season dressing. You can incorporate all the fall colors, fabrics and trends, but keep a weather appropriate outfit. You can "between season" anything. Here are a few examples how....

1. Burnt Orange is the color of the season! A fall wardrobe = rich colors & textures. Try shades of berry or deep purple.

FullSizeRender (10).jpg

2. Matching Separates! This 2-piece is a perfect between seasons look.

OR try the PJ set.

3. Always Accessorize. Take any outfit & dress it up or dress it down by choosing the perfect accessories.  

Peace, Love, & Style! SL