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StyleLab is bringing the luxury of personal wardrobe styling on demand.  

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STYLELAB aims to inspire and stay inspired. Our blog is where we share all of our favorite items and styling tips. Enjoy. PEACE, LOVE & STYLE! 


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5 Closet Hacks

Brittney McMillin

Our five hacks for closet organization and guess what!? They are on sale, to shop click here.
Organizing your closet can be overwhelming but the final product can make your life much more efficient. Its amazing when you can actually see what you have! If you are looking for a major closet overhaul, we are here to help, but for now here are five helpful hacks!

  1. Shelf Dividers

  2. Hat Box

  3. Shoe Drawer

  4. Bra Organizer

  5. Jewelry Tray

To read more about how we can help transform your closet, click here.

Dream Closets

Brittney McMillin

Ever dream of having a huge organized closet? Us too! 

Regardless of the size of your closet - organization is key! We recently went into a smaller closet, ready to edit away. Our customer was overwhelmed when it came time to get dressed. So first, we suggested adding another hanging bar and shelf unit!

We accessorized all of the shelving with purses and jewelry and a few "most worn" pieces of clothing for easy access (shh.. it was her sweat pants).  Adding the new hanging bar was genius - now there was more room to really showcase her clothing. Being able to see your clothing items is very important! 

More tips to come! xx Peace, Love and Style!