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StyleLab is bringing the luxury of personal wardrobe styling on demand.  

Michelle Infusino

Meet Stylist Michelle

To me, style is much more about how your clothes make you feel than how you look.
You should feel confident and put together when you get dressed each day! Putting on your
favorite outfit should make you feel amazing and ready to conquer the world.
— Michelle

Bio of Michelle

Hi, I'm Michelle! I was born and raised on the east coast and studied fashion merchandising during college in NYC. I have always been passionate about all things fashion, beauty and decor related. I have a distinct memory of my mom scolding me while I was in the midst of choosing my college major, telling me, "You can't shop for a living, Michelle!" Turns out, she was wrong.  I've been living in LA for a little over 5 years and love to combine my east coast roots with west coast style.