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StyleLab is bringing the luxury of personal wardrobe styling on demand.  

Braxton Holme

Meet Stylist Braxton Holme

Style to me is everything. Anyone can study fashion, trends and study runway shows. Styling is the art of gathering all that information and being about to adapt that to your clients’ needs. Style to me is a form of expression and a gateway to our creative souls. Style shows confidence, strong will and dedication. Your personal appearance says a lot about you before someone will ever get the chance to meet you. With my help, that first statement will be strong, and everlasting.
— Braxton

Hi! My name is Braxton Holme. I've always been a lover of fashion, style and a world creative. I'm a Mid-West native,  the mind and heart for city life which brought me to LA. With an extensive background in Fashion Design and 5+ years of styling it's safe to say that fashion and styling encompasses most of my life! 

With a history of styling both male and women ages ranging from 7 to 89yrs, I'm very well versed in multiple genres of styles and trends. For the trend savvy individuals, my background in editorial and look book styling helps me visually develop cutting edge looks and eye catching concepts.